Great Ways to Promote your Blog Ideas: Series: Part-1

Great Ways to Promote your Blog Ideas: Series: Part-1
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  1. https://alltop.com/

A fantastic content curation website for every professional. They poster themselves as “the online magazine rack on the web.” AllTop.com collects the headlines of the latest stories from around the world the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. Also, it’s populated by the TOP blogs from around the web, and hundreds of items are sorted alphabetically for easy search.

They club these collections/aggregations — into individual web pages. So, it is a popular news aggregator kind of thing. Earlier HBB was featured on AllTop.com for several topics. It is simple to add your blog or website to AllTop if it has good content with good posting frequency.

It’s a decisive content curation site since you can insert the feeds from your favorite blog, as they must be on AllTop, to create a personal page of your favorites. When you visit the website, go to your custom MyAllTop page, and you got it, great information to read and share with your followers.


  1. http://www.blokube.com/

Blokube is a great blogging community website designed to serve bloggers and internet marketers to exchange their ideas and to interact with each other. It is a voting website where the bloggers can vote for other content and help it to get published.

It’s a place where writers can submit their blog posts (or a reader who enjoyed the post can submit it) to Blokube, and everyone can vote and comment on the piece, giving it more exposure and a higher ranking on the Blokube site. This builds social proof and is great feedback for the writer, as to what topics would be great to write about in the future.

Blokube is a place for bloggers in the internet marketing world to share what they know, network, and gain social proof and credibility on their posts via votes. It’s a place for you as a reader to go and explore some of the best posts on a particular blogging topic!

Blokube is a website that wants to promote interaction among bloggers. Now Because of Blokube, it is easy to connect with, to meet, and discuss the ideas about blogging, tips, and opinions with other bloggers. If you’re a blogger writing quality content, then you owe it to yourself to check out Blokube and submit some of your articles. Blokube does not put any restrictions on your submissions.

  1. http://www.bizsugar.com/

BizSugar is a blog aggregator site where members can submit stories they have written on other websites. Members can then read these stories and cast their vote on them. Once a story has got enough votes, it becomes ‘hot’ – a symbolic gesture that the article is turned as an essential read.

And the beautiful part of the story is the site is free to submit articles to, and you will always get the best response if you publish consistently here, share their social media content and participate in voting. If you follow all of this, then you can find that the results are more than worth the time investment.

BizSugar delivers the content that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers care about, without all the noise.

When you share your blog posts, videos, and other content so that others can learn from you. Through this, you reinforce a reputation as a thought leader and bring online visibility to your content. And you discover what others have shared. The benefit of this is, you make networking connections with other business people and stay informed. The primary usage of BizSugar:

  • Submit blog posts, videos, articles for other users to enjoy
  • Study and search relevant content posted by other users.
  • Help to curate the best content with the help of voting on other users’ submissions
  • Network and make friends by commenting and joining in the discussion


  1. http://www.blogengage.com/

Blogging is not only about writing content on the blog. If you are producing great content, but you are unable to promote it on the right platforms; there is no use of it. If you have written a superb article, you need to share it with others to read, and Blog Engage is one of the best places to get started with your marketing efforts.

Blog Engage is a top most blogging community. Blogging communities are simple platforms where bloggers get together and share their posts, network and help each other to grow. Many such communities are popping up these days, but I think Blog Engage has succeeded to distinguish itself from the crowd.

Blog Engage is a multi-faceted service that does a few different things. It is an online community of Bloggers who are working together to try and improve their blogs. It includes an RSS Service where you could link your RSS Feed to the network and will be posted on many PR3+ websites to contribute to improving your SEO and back link profile. And it hosts Guest Post Contests where you can win real cash prizes!

Apart from that you can get

  • A dofollow/nofollow link. Remember! Blog Engage is a PR4 site, so having a link from this site has SEO value.
  • Networking with bloggers who might make them as your loyal readers who helps you to get a chance to get advertisers for your blog.
  • Contributes to find others’ post. You can forget about spam as this site allows only paid members. Most of the posts submitted there are of high quality.
  • Exposure. If you engage more with members of blog engage, you can get traffic as well as a special featured post made for you.
  • Targeted traffic. As you know, you can get targeted traffic from blog engage.


  1. http://www.blogadda.com/

BlogAdda is the top most communities of Indian bloggers. It brings a comprehensive platform for bloggers to showcase their blogs and help them promote it to the wider audience. It helps Indian bloggers to connect with each other to build a robust network.

BlogAdda excels at providing Brands with Blogger Outreach, Engagement, Social and Content Marketing Solutions. It drives content focused campaigns to enable Brands, and their Products gain excellent and credible mileage through this form of earned media. BlogAdda helps bloggers to promote, publicize their blogs and connect with the right audience and brands.

The team of editors read through several blogs every week to choose the best blog posts in our bi-weekly blog picks. These posts thus get some special badge and also are brought to the attention of the readers. They interview one blogger every week that is read by thousands of users.

Also, they have a section called ‘Notable Newbie’ where they select two bloggers to highlight every week, who are new but notable. By this way, the upcoming bloggers are motivated and appreciated for their writing as they get featured right on their homepage. Their Editors Picks category serves the best blogs for readers. They work hard to promote the bloggers on their network.

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