The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Advantages of Ayurveda Medicine System

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Advantages of Ayurveda Medicine System
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Ayurveda, the 5000 years old medicine system of natural healing which is very well derived from the oldest culture, i.e. Hindu culture. From the very beginning it’s been tested at certain extents and in the variety of circumstances, but in every instance, it’s become more powerful to heal the world. And this is the reason it is growing with a massive speed nowadays, all around the world. The fundamental of this medicine system is health and wellness. In fact, the word Ayurveda means in Sanskrit similar to “lifespan build on knowledge” or “science of life.”

Ayurveda is a complete health-centric medicinal science that aims at bringing about harmony in the human body system, and synchronization of human beings with the natural world. It projects at not just on the body/physique, but the health of mind with the soul as well.

The primary goal of Ayurveda medicine is to support people live long, healthy and balanced lives without the need for drugs, surgeries or suffering from any painful conditions.

Key Features of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the motto is to remove the disease with its deep roots and subsequently make the patient perfectly healthy, with its unmatched and of course unconventional therapies. Ayurveda teaches the human beings to go closer to nature as it’s the only way to survive healthily naturally. And this is the pinpoint which makes Ayurveda on the upper hand from other therapeutic and treatments systems. Have a look on some of the best features we have discussed over here.

  • Ayurveda is natural health care system entirely based on herbs.
  • Ayurveda products and medicines are completely safe with no aftereffects.
  • It is a health care system that supports to mind, body, and soul for long and comfortable life.

  • Ayurveda treats the whole body and so eliminates the actual cause of the disease.
  • It gives emphasis in preventive medicine and curative treatments.
  • It is the most effective natural treatment to detoxify the body.
  • Ayurveda is highly comprehensive rejuvenation treatments.

  • Ignorance of improper eating and lifestyle one’s particular body type, age, and the environment is the primary cause of diseases.
  • By maintaining a perfect balance between inner and outer world, we can have an excellent health for our mind, body, and soul.
  • Ayurveda initiates the enormous power to heal the human body.


Functioning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is itself a science which has its therapies and treatment systems that are based on guided meditation, yoga, massage, medicinal herbs, Tantra, and body-specific changes in diet for the peace of body, mind, and soul as well. Ayurveda medicine is based on three principle doshas (elements/energies): Vata (nervous), Pitta (venous) and Kapha (arterial). All the disease and illness originated from an imbalance in these three aspects.

These three elements are present in each person in varying levels, the functions and qualities of which define one’s unique abilities and characteristics, as well as determine how and when one should eat and live to maintain a proper balance. Identifying which life force needs to be adjusted can enhance health issues because each Dosha controls a different kind of body function.

Ayurveda Treatment Process

When you visit an Ayurveda practitioner, he/she use to start making a treatment plan tailor-made for you individually. He/she prescribe you for certain physical exercises (Yoga), and subsequently, you get benefits on the emotional grounds also.

And that’s the point when your life forces become ignited, and the disturbance between the three life elements will slowly be maintained. So from physical level to emotional level all your problems/diseases will be treated thoroughly.

Most of the times, the human body needs detoxification from the undigested food (converted into toxins) which takes the resident to the state of illness. The process above mentioned is known as ‘Panchakarma.’ The Panchakarma hits on the cause of diseases which is a restoration process of maintaining balance and synchronization in your body. To get better and quick results, medicated oils, blood purification, massages, and special ingestion of certain plant parts are some options available with the medicines.

Main advantages of Ayurveda

Reduces Stress.

It’s been proven that high-stress levels and poor physical health are tightly close to each other. With the help of Ayurveda herbal treatment, Yoga, breathing exercises and of course Meditation, you could overcome the stress in your life.

Researchers prove it at many levels that the course of Ayurveda treatment can improve the nervous system and functions miraculously with all its disorders. Here the special mention is about spirituality because Ayurveda always tends to move towards the divine powers, the positive forces in and around us, regarding anxiety.

Weight Management.

Ayurveda has no formula to lose weight directly. But yes, Ayurveda helps you to manage your weight up to a great extent. As the basis of Ayurveda is the natural, nutritious, balanced and healthy diet which helps the person to maintain his body weight.

Also, the Yoga, Pranayama (respiratory exercises) and meditation boost up the management process.

Hormonal Balance.

Ayurveda helps you to make a perfect balance with your hormones which are quite a common disorder of present time.

A lot of problems are initiated due to these disorders e.g. in females the disorder of menstrual cycle is just due to hormonal imbalance.

Cleanses The Body.

With due course, Ayurveda medicines have the incredible powers to cleanse the whole human body internally, and because of this, the health is improved automatically.

For this rejuvenation ‘Panchakarma’ is the process by which you can remove all your toxins from your body and get the feel of a better reliable energy inside you. The messages on the body force the toxins to leave the body. And you will re-energies yourself by these processes.

Minimizes Inflammation.

There are certain reasons for inflammation such as inadequate sleep, poor diet, and deficient digestion. The Ayurveda treatment method reduces the inflammation step by step, to adjust the heart system and digestive region by removing all the waste from it.

The herbal treatments, Yoga, breathing exercises and balanced diet moderately boosts the rate of metabolism, and the role of antioxidants is to lower the inflammation and increase the energy decisively.

Helps to Improve High Blood Pressure

The focus of the Ayurveda treatment for hypertension (commonly known as High Blood Pressure) is to recognize the actual grounds of the disease and then to prescribe the herbal medicines to lower down the problem and gradually ended it from the roots. During the process, the medications work like this that all the collected toxins are removed either inside the heart or in the whole system. And with the help of Yoga and meditation, the whole body is strengthened along with the brain and related systems. The patient needs to use watermelon, Indian gooseberry (Amla), skim milk, lemon, garlic, parsley, grapefruit and cottage cheese.

Exercises are the best tool to fight with hypertension, mild exercises with swimming, walking (or even jogging sometimes) help you to get your goal.  Laughter therapy could also be an unconventional arm for you because it provides you the chance to relieve anxiety and stress, which are the root causes of high blood pressure.

The best home remedies mentioned in Ayurveda, for hypertension, is to include garlic in your food. Also, you can take 3-4 peeled garlic buds in the morning. Along with you can make juice of 15 basil leaves, five garlic cloves, and a small quantity of wheat grass, once a day.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

In Ayurveda, the patient of diabetes has to recover from his mismanaged lifestyle first, later the herbal medicines and balanced diet come into the picture. For better results, the healthy diet and active lifestyle work as the foundation for the treatment. Because both of them has the power to rejuvenate the human body and the mind internally primarily.

In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera, holy basil, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Bitter melon, ginseng and milk thistle are mentioned as the best constituents of the diet of a diabetic patient.

Healthy and Glowing Skin.

In Ayurveda, you could have a lot of options to make your skin shiny and soft. Cucumber and lettuce are the vegetables which are most widely used in food for the skin treatment. As they have blood purifying properties and high water resident property they are accepted worldwide.

By regular exercising of Yoga, Pranayama, and breathing exercises, the proportion of oxygen increases in the blood also enhances the glow, and in the process, all the toxins are removed through sweat. In Ayurveda, nuts and seeds are also mentioned as the best remedies for the skin disorders. As they have Omega 3 fatty acids in sufficient quantity, they are very well responsible for the health of the skin.


Here, it is to be highlighted that the impact of the Ayurveda medicines is permanent and so it’s clearly proven that it’s quite effective for the concerned diseases along with this, it also enhances the lifestyle. So the final result leads to the overall health of the person.

While on the other hand, we have other therapies in which the primary focus is to provide immediate relief, and it’s all done through killing the viruses, germs, and bacteria which are responsible for the diseases. But the main issue is, neither all the microorganisms are the cause of illness nor the diseases are cured permanently by this kind of treatment.

In the end, Ayurveda therapy system has proven again and again that it is the only therapy that could have the power to help people relax and settle down, and could make them so strong to face the challenges of everyday life in a better way. Ayurveda is has stood the test of time, for centuries, and this knowledge of medicine can be preventive, protective and curative.


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